Recipes for Longevity

Superfood Ingredients

Your body is a remarkable machine. Put the right fuels into it, whole, local, fresh, unprocessed, chemical-free foods found right in your grocery store, and it will run like it should. Give it optimal nutrition, and it can protect itself and help prevent illness. We have researched the global food market and nature’s gardens to discover which foods provide the healthiest benefits – the foods that are shared across tables in the world’s key Longevity Hot Spots.

Here is a list of many of the foods we will use in the recipes to come.

Acai berries Ginger
Apples Goji berries
Apricots Green tea
Avocados Mushrooms
Blueberries Red Wine and Resveratrol
Beans Soy
Brassica vegetables Spinach
Buckwheat Sprouted Foods
Chocolate (cacao) Sweet Potatoes
Chlorella and Spirulina Tomato Paste and Tomatoes
Cinnamon Turmeric
Flax Yogurt

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